20+ Obstacles

Just when you thought you were getting a break from all of the hill and river crossings we hit you with an obstacle in your path.

2-3 Decision Points

Decisions have consequences. Choose the right path or you might find the course just got a bit longer!

3-5 Miles

Our course varies in length based on the decisions you make on the course?

You’ve survived and crawled from the ashes of a Post-Apocalyptic doomsday to a completely changed world.  Mudocalypse Mud Run is an Obstacle Course Race defined by the choices you make on the course.  Just like in life, decisions have consequences.  Along the 3-5 mile course, you’ll have to choose your path at several Decision Points along the way.  Make the right choice and you might shorten the length of the course or face a less difficult obstacle, choose wrong and suffer the consequences.  We are not your standard Mud Run!  We bridge the gap between Adventure Racing and Mud Run/OCRs!

Do you have what it takes to survive the MUDOCALYPSE?

Evolve or Die

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Mud Runner Testimonials

Stacey Moffatt

“Indy May 2014 has so far been the best mud run/obstacle race I have done to date!!! I was extremely impressed I can’t wait to do it again in Oct!!”


Sharla Stevens

"OMG you diabolical sadistic people you!"


Mark Owens

"Wanted to say thanks to Adam Burke, staff and all the volunteers for the great race you put on today! I give it two thumbs up and plan on repeating again next year."


Heather Jamison

"I wish you ran your course more than once a year. LITERALLY had the most fun (and was challenged!) by your course. I loved how you incorporated the terrain into the course and your obstacles were fun with some traditional ones as well as some new ones."


Gretchen Hamner Delay

"Had a GREAT time racing yesterday. Thanks for the amazing course and see you next year!"


Beth Wells

"Thank you on behalf of Team Illuminati! We had a great day with lots of smiles and laughter. We're sure to bring more friends next year!"


Steven Comstock

"Mudocalypse was great today, perfect weather, and I think we all enjoyed ourselves."


Travis Phelps

"Had a great time at my first event and cannot wait for the next! Keep up the good work.

-Future 2015 Survivor"



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