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You’ve survived and crawled from the ashes of a Post-Apocalyptic doomsday to a completely changed world. You will be required to use your wits and make difficult choices in order to survive. For those looking for the bridge between Adventure Racing and Mud Runs look no further. We are the hybrid race that will give you exactly that. Decision points along the way will test not only your endurance, but will leave your mind broken at the finish line. Which is the less difficult path? Which path will drain your last ounce of energy? If you survive, you can look forward to the POST RACE PARTY worthy of the Mudocalypse.


Don’t believe you have what it takes to survive the MUDOCALYPSE?


Your Excuse is Invalid


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Mudocalypse Mud Run Indiana


Mudocalypse Mud Run - Indiana May 31st, 2014

Blue River Farm

6001 E 500 S Greenfield, IN 46140

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